JQ brings together the right group of professionals; with our strong network of resources and trade partner relationships, all aspects of the construction process are closely overseen to ensure the highest of quality, on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness, while maximizing investment. We maintain direct relationships and work hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers; this network allows JQ to analyze, recommend, and in certain cases, make financial resources available through collaboration with institutions to complete projects.


The firm’s executive team has proven track records in banking and financing, which gives us the advantage when structuring capital, financing and lending platforms to various real estate projects. JQ has access to both institutional and private capital enabling it to make the best decisions in capital structuring / real estate equity for the projects. The firm’s objective is to provide solutions that ease the gap between available debt financing and the cost to build, buy, renovate, and develop real estate.


JQ’s expert team possesses proficiency in the sale and marketing of real estate. The firm has a strong network of local, national and international real estate firms which allows access to a substantial client base for the firm’s residential and commercial properties. Additionally, we can work with our clients and strategic partners in advertising and public relations, enabling us to disseminate the sales messages for the various properties. This strategic network ensures JQ the ability to optimize the sales process, backed by a reliable capability to adapt to fluctuating market conditions.