JQ Group of Companies is founded on a deep understanding of the importance of always giving back to the community.

We are eager to work and leave a legacy of creating better communities through education and culture.

We sponsor and work hand-in-hand with CDEI (Communitas DEI Asosiation), a non-profit organization based in New York, founded by Reverend Alexis Bastidas and a group of collaborators (professionals and entrepreneurs). Its mission is to contribute to the spiritual and intellectual formation of Hispanic communities in the United States and Latin America through the dissemination of values and the development of initiatives in education, health, sports, arts and music. All of these initiatives are aimed at helping those in need.

CDEI opened its Miami Chapter in 2015 and it is Mrs. Liliana Malavé-Quintero who has been instrumental to the successful launch and operation in South Florida.

For more information please visit www.cdei.org